Terri Strauss

      I’d like to take the time to thank the people in my life who have helped me along the way. To Les, my husband, friend and soulmate for always understanding and believing in me, for being my biggest supporter and for instilling the words ‘stand tall & be proud’. Those words have so many meanings - I love you!

    To my Mother for always supporting and listening to me throughout the years, for believing in me enough to help me continue to do this work – I love you more!

         To my grown children, Terian & Jeffrey for never being embarrassed when I would suddenly start sharing messages from spirit to complete strangers and sometimes even your friends. The love we have as a family is irreplaceable. I love you both more than words can say.

     To my Mother-in-law Catherine for being so open-minded and raising an amazing man!

    I would also like to thank a few of my many wonderful friends who’ve encouraged me on my path. I want to start with Jeffrey Marks who for 12 plus years has been my mentor and friend. You’ve always known I was going to do this work, even when I didn’t. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

     Over the years I’ve been blessed with other close dear friends; Carol G., Jennifer A., Kim M., & Lynn M. who’ve helped me in so many ways. I love you each and every one of you.

     And to my dearest Gram! She’s the one who passed this ability down to me and from a very young age encouraged me to trust and make use of my intuition. To this day I feel her spirit come to me, sometimes in the kitchen when I’m alone and even sometimes to help me when I’m delivering messages to others. I love you and miss you dearly! 

    To Shelby E. for my beautiful business cards and to Lindsey H. of Photography by Lindsey for my photo shoot and awesome pictures.

     To my peeps and ancestors in spirit -  you know who you are! Thanks for being so patient & loving, for guiding me on my spiritual path. I promise to keep listening!  

     And last but not least, from the bottom of my heart I also have to thank Kevin & Rosann for it was the two of you who gave me the last push I needed to gain the courage to do this for others. I am so grateful!

Love & Hugs,


Friend, Mentor & Colleague Jeffrey Marks....






       A born intuitive, it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I really came to identify and understand my abilities. I always ‘knew’ things but also experienced a wide variety of physical and emotional issues that couldn’t be explained. As time passed I started to realize these physical and emotional issues didn’t belong to me but rather to those around me. As I began to share my feelings with others, the signs and symptoms began to subside and I started to deliver messages of healing, love, and  inspiration. This awareness put me on a spiritual journey of self-discovery that has brought me to where I am today as a working Medium.

     Every Intuitive has their own unique abilities. I personally am able to sense what’s going on with others, both emotionally and physically, but I can also connect with loved ones who have passed on. My goal is to help the spirits who have passed to deliver their messages to those spirits who remain here on earth – us! Their words can help us to heal, move forward in life, and to know that our loved ones are safe and doing well.

     In order to enhance my abilities I have attended numerous classes and seminars with some of the finest Mediums. This includes Lisa Williams, John Holland, James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell,  Doreen Virtue , Mavis  Pittilla, & Suzanne Geisemann.

    As a wife, mother, and grandmother I dedicate myself first and foremost to my family. My husband and I spend all of our time together. We love to ride our motorcycle, hike, and host parties & barbecues at our home in the country.  I'm also a retired hairdresser of 28 years, I love making and decorating cupcakes, and taking photos of nature’s beauty. In fact, the nature photos you see on this website are all my own. I’m lucky to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where there’s so much to see and do.

    If you’d like to know about the services I provide then please visit my Services Page or contact me directly for more information.

Love & Hugs,