What do your clients expect the outcome to be when they come see you, and do you feel they always get what they want?

The ones who come with HIGH expectations don’t usually get the real message. They come in wanting just one person. I understand that desire, however, if another spirit wants to drop in and they think what they have to say will help or benefit you more, then sometimes people don’t get what they want. I am not driving the bus: Spirit is… so don’t shoot the messenger. I believe spirit will give us what we need, not what we want.

How accurate are your reads, generally speaking?

I walk away sometimes thinking, "Oh, that was not one of the good ones."  But who am I to judge what’s good or bad for someone else? That’s up to the sitter. I do, however, seem to have good accuracy. I get good reviews from my clients and most of my business is through referrals. If I wasn’t doing a good job then I suspect this wouldn’t be the case.

Accuracy about the future is tough, because it can change in a moment! I tell people to use future readings as a guideline.  If I tell you something and it feels bad to you, then change the way you look or feel about what’s going on. If it feels good, then keep walking your walk and doing what you’re doing. It is all a matter of how the person chooses to live their life.

Have you ever been off the mark with a reading of someone?

OH yes! I certainly have. I’d be lying if I said no. NO Medium or Psychic is 100%! One reason things can be off is because I’m not interpreting the information correctly. It may also be because the sitter isn’t thinking that the information is for them.  Sometimes they’ll call me later and say, "OH! I figured out what you were saying. It was so and so" or "I got it".  But yes, I do miss the mark.

Do you ever feel threatened or feel evil?

In the beginning, when I first started doing Mediumship I would have panic attacks. I was unfamiliar with the energy of spirits, so it concerned me. After figuring out that it was just the presence of spirits, I no longer had any fear.

On one occasion I was shown a spirit who walked a dark path. It was a little disturbing, but after the reading was over, I realized the fear was in my head - not in the facts.

Keep in mind this is my answer to the question. Some may have a different answer.

When did you discover you had such abilities?

I was born with my abilities. They were handed down to me from my Gram. I understood at a very young age that I knew things or that when I said things they would happen. Later in my teens I also realized that what I dreamed about often came true - even to the point that if I lost something, in order to find it, all I had to do was take a nap (Although I haven’t done that in a very long time). From childhood, I’ve always had a knowing. I knew who was on the phone long before there was Caller ID. I knew who was going to knock on the door.  In school, I knew who was going to get into trouble. I also knew when someone wasn’t the right person for family members or friends. I’ve always just seemed to know, and after the birth of each of my two children, things seemed to get stronger and different.

How do the messages come to you; visual, feelings, hearing?

I get messages in different ways, however, I do get a lot of feelings; how they died, their emotions, what meds they were on or drugs, etc. Sometimes I hear names or numbers and dates, or, I’ll hear a brief thought of love and much needed healing words. I’ve also seen things such as animals. On one occasion I saw the spirit of a father outside my window.  I also smell things like cigarette smoke. One time I asked, "What is that horrible wet dog smell?" It turned out the spirit had large long-haired dogs that smelled.

Can the outcome of information be changed?

Yes, it can: For psychic events - always! Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow is not yet promised.

If I get something about the future or present and it’s something you don’t like, you can change it by thought and simply moving in another direction. On that same note, if you stay the course, then the outcome may end up being as I stated. However, sometimes knowing what’s in the future or in your present can help you. Sometimes spirit wants to let us know something isn’t safe or to be careful.

For example, I meditate before I see a client. During one of my meditations I saw a red 4-door car and heard "It is ok to drive your car without the music on!" When my client arrives I don’t see a red car. At first I think I’ve made it up and so I’m not going to mention it, but later in the reading, the information comes to me again. So I finally asked, "Do you own a red car with 4 doors?"

“Yes,” she says! So I go on.

“I feel something is wrong with it. The tires or brakes I think. Does this mean anything to you? I want to tell you that it’s ok to drive your car with your music off."

"Oh yes", she said. "I loaned my car out and when I got it back it was making this horrible noise. I said something about the noise to someone who was riding in the car with me. She turned the radio up and said ‘now you don’t’."

I later received a nice thank you from my client who informed me that the rotors and tires on her car were shot. Now it was safe for her to drive!

How can we be more open to receiving messages from the other side?

Oh I love this question, and trust me when I say that I’m answering all of these questions based on my personal opinions, from what I’ve seen or been shown or taught! But to answer the question on how to be more open, I think you need to have a calm heart and mind. Just relax and be open to whatever comes in.

I’ve had people say to me that they don’t or can’t feel their loved ones. I simply say, surrender to what is making you unhappy or angry, forgive and things will open for you. If you’re all keyed-up and mad at the world or mad because they passed then it’s so much harder to feel them. You can’t change any of that now. What you can change is how you react to it or deal with it. Most of life is a choice, and once we understand that and make better choices… things will change.  Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still have issues with this concept, but every day is a new day and a chance to try again. I say that a lot. But that too is OK! It means you know you need to change or to let go, and it’s not easy keeping that in your mind and heart…

I did not get there overnight and it takes time to let go. Once you do, you will know how wonderful your life can be, while being in touch with your higher self, Spirit and/or loved ones - for your highest good~.

How do you deal with skepticism?

I don’t!

I say what I say, do what I do and let the rest follow. I’m not here to prove anything. I am here because I was blessed to give messages from your loved ones. If you don’t believe in me, then don’t come to me.

However, I will be honest and say that the ones who don’t believe and then get messages from their loved ones are some of my favorite moments.

What is a Medium?

A Medium is a person who can get messages through different modalities: Hearing spirits, seeing them, feeling them, smelling them. I predominantly feel them. I feel their emotions or how they died, but it’s different for everyone. I also want to add that a Medium is a Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums.  This means a psychic may read energy or have a knowing, but are unable to get messages from Spirit.

What is the funniest reading you have done?  I know some of my relatives have a very good sense of humor.

I’ve had many funny events during readings.  On one occasion the spirit showed me a farm but it was inside of a house.  I said to the sitter, “I see lots of cows and animals. Do you live on a farm?"

"No," they replied. "But the whole house is decorated in cows and animals.”

On another occasion, the spirit of a mother came through and told me her daughter had a tattoo in her memory. The spirit mother kept calling it a “tramp stamp.” In my head I argued with myself and said there was NO way the information was going to be right, but I asked the daughter – “You DON’T have a tramp stamp tattoo in memory of your mom do you?” She replied, “YES I DO!”

Another funny visual was when I saw the image of a rodent inside a ball that rolls around on the floor. I also saw that it was being chased around a wood floor by a cat! I shared this with the sitter who validated the event and couldn’t stop laughing at what I’d described.

During one of my most recent group events, I kept holding my thumb, pulling on it and saying, "What is up with my thumb? Did your spirit have an issue with his thumb?"

“No.” they replied.

"Umm, well maybe it’s symbolic for jewelry. Do you have his ring, necklace or a watch you wear?"


I felt frustrated, not sure what the spirit was trying to tell me. Then I see one woman being poked by her daughter who says, "Mom,  your necklace!!"

The mother looks at me and clarifies, "OH - the necklace I have on is from the mortuary. They put his thumbprint on it for all of us kids."

To which I replied, “And you think talking to dead people is hard!”

Seriously, I have to say I’ve had lots of funny occasions.


Here are some of the questions I'm most commonly asked, and my answers.

What is your favorite part of being able to communicate with those most of us can't hear?

I enjoy the feeling of love and compassion I get from Spirit and even from the sitters. When these two share the same sorrow, laughter or love - it is just awesome for me. This is often when I get the most drained - when the emotions of those in this world get together with those in the spirit world. But the hugs and gratitude I feel when they say thank you or good-bye makes me feel so blessed to have this gift.

Do you believe in a higher power or God?

I believe we all believe in something - which is ok by me! I consider myself more of a Spiritual person than religious. I believe there is a powerful Source out there, and it does not matter how we see it or feel it. We are here to LOVE, not fear or judge or accuse. For the real truth is that “Love is the Way” - some just don’t get it (not yet anyways)!

Why do you think some people have this gift and others don't?

It’s not that I don’t think some do or some don’t. I feel that as children we all have it very strongly. Then the adults (about school time) push it away or say it’s not real! I feel it’s possible, that if we can get past that disbelief, we will be fine. But some people don’t want the ability for fear of bad spirits. For example, I was recently told by someone they had the ability as a child but their family put them in a Religious School in order to “get the devil out.” Sad, but true!

If a child does not have any hint of the ability, then I don’t have an answer as to why. But it is proven you can practice anything and practice can help you develop into doing mediumship.

On a funny note: I have lots of people, and I mean lots, who say to me, "I love what you do Terri, but I would never want what you have." If we all had the same abilities, then we would all be the same and that wouldn’t be any fun now, would it?


On the flip side, I believe there a lot of people out there who say they have it and act like they have it but are actually taking advantage of people. That’s something that angers me to no end! Please check out who is reading you. There’s no “psychic police” to say STOP doing this so check people out and be careful….. I live by the word “KARMA,” and one day it will get you in a good way or bad!


Why do certain people come through and others you expect to come through don't?

I can only say I was upset with this as a Medium, until I figured out in my mind why it happens.

I would have to say that before some spirits can come in, “unfinished business” is a factor. I think this has to come in first! For example, someone who needs to apologize for the wrongs they did while here or to someone in particular. Maybe they need to say goodbye or to say how things happened in their life had nothing to do with the sitter! They take the blame and own it. It seems to always be about healing…. healing themselves or the sitter.  And when these messages are delivered then healing on both sides begins. Once the message is delivered, it’s up to you - the sitter - to heal or forgive, so that those in Spirit can too.

Terri Strauss

Are you ever afraid?

I’m sometimes afraid I’ll get the message wrong or not get it across the right way, but afraid of Spirit - heavens no! As I mentioned above, I used to get panic attacks but this was not from being afraid as much as picking up the feelings of spirits, especially their physical symptoms. It scared me to feel the symptoms and feelings of others. I often thought things were wrong with me!!!! Now I’ve learned to ask, "Is this them or me?"  The answer comes quickly, so I can discern myself from others. Some spirits just don’t know how strong they come across.

Do you hear people’s voices or do you see them? 

I do hear spirits sometimes, but it’s inside my head, not out in the environment. It’s just small bits of information, as when you're talking to yourself in your head, but the information is usually off the wall and unusual, so I know it’s not for me. I have, on occasion, heard voices in the environment around me, but only in our house and for me.