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     A Home Cleansing is designed to help clear the energy in a home, to help Spirits pass on if needed, and to bring in positive and healing energy. Once in your home  I will provide you with a basic home assessment and then proceed with the cleansing. This involves the use of burning sage or lemongrass so if you have any allergies please let me know ahead of time. Sometimes the energy of the home is affected by those living in it so I'll also offer any suggestions I feel might be needed for keeping the energy light and positive.

Rates are $50.00 and the process takes roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the size of the home.  Click Here to get started!

Travel charges may apply depending on your location so please Contact Me for more information. 

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     A Private Session is designed to help you heal in whatever way Spirit deems is best. Perhaps this includes answering some of life's questions or connecting with someone who has passed. It may involve sharing stories, offering advice from Loved Ones & Guides, or even giving suggestions on how to spiritually grow and expand. Every session is unique, just like us! Whatever it may be, I always trust that Spirit is there to help guide us both through the process. 

Rates are $100.00 per hour per person and I am available in person or over the phone.  Click Here to get started with your session.

Please note travel charges may apply depending on your location so please Contact Me  for more information. 

     Each person attending a Group Event will be able to ask one question and will then receive roughly 10 minutes of my time. I will answer their question to the best of my ability but also deliver any other information I may have for them, including messages from Spirit. Sometimes however, Spirit knows what's best for you and your question may go unanswered. Instead you may receive other insightful and valued information.  

Although connecting with Spirit is not to be taken lightly, the atmosphere should be light, fun & social. Snacks and beverages are always a good suggestion for your guests. 

Halfway through the event a break will be held. This allows everyone to stretch and socialize and for me to also take a few moments to rest and relax. During the break I do request that people please refrain from asking me for additional psychic information until after the entire group session is complete. 

Distractions need to be kept to a minimum so please, no children under 12, no pets, and maintain a quiet environment during the time I'm working. This will allow me to better serve you!

Minimum of 7 people and a maximum of 10– this includes the host/hostess. Rates are $30.00 per person with no charge for the host/hostess. Max of 1 person considered to be the host/hostess. 

Travel charges may apply depending on your location so please Contact Me for more information.  Click Here to get your Group Ticket now!  

 Any photos taken are not to be used without my express permission.

My husband Les and I work together conducting classes about the use of Crystals/Stones  and their many healing properties. Classes are by invitation only or you can host them in your own home for a fun and healing experience. Contact Me   for more details!

Travel charges may apply depending on your location. 

You can  Pay Here for your classes but please do not pay until you've registered with me first. Seating is limited!

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Getting To Know The Crystals

- Includes a Set of 6 Stones, Info on How to Cleanse & Attune Your Stones, & their Basic Meanings. Also Includes a 10 Minute Meditation

 $25.00 Per Person - 3 Hour Class

Healing With The Crystals

- Includes a Set of 6 Stones, How to Cleanse & Attune Your Stones, 20 Minute Meditation, & Personal Healing Assistance From Les.

$35.00 Per Person - 3 - 4 Hours Depending On Class Size

Gift Certificates Available..........

A great gift for your friends & family!!

Here's What Crystal Class Attendee A.D. Had To Say .....

~~ "I have attended two of the rock/gem/crystal classes put on by Les and Terri - and boy did I get more than what I paid for! I received deep knowledge on 6 crystals/stones and how they can relate to my daily life. I also got tips on meditating, and have been able to also use those in my daily life. I highly recommend attending one of these classes if you can!"

Here's What Soul Collage Attendee D.H. Had To Say .....

~~Wow! What a great class and very inspiring!!! Can't wait to start seeing positive results! Thanks again!

Healing With Soul Collage

- Includes Poster Board & Collage Supplies But Bring Your Own Favorite Magazines, Words, or Sayings.... Create A Board Of Dreams, Goals, & Healing - Terri will share brief messages from spirit if they come in but this is not the aim or goal of this class.

$20.00 Per Person - 3 Hour Class

From time to time we also host Drum Making Classes, Meditation Circles, and other Guest Speakers and Teachers.....