I first met Terri on June 3, 2013 in a nail salon. I was a walk-in, so had a few minutes to wait and sat down to shoot off a few texts. Terri was sitting next to me and started talking about my son (he passed 6 years ago) and said that he was "with her"

.....ummm, WHAT?!?  Who is this woman and how does she know about my son?

   These are the messages she had for me, my comments will be in ( ).

   He passed from pills? (Yes)

   I feel like he was on a lot of medication but not the right medication. (Yes)

    I feel like the whole system let him down? (Yes)

   So it was suicide? (Yes)

   He wants you to know he's so sorry for what you went through, but his head wasn't right and he couldn't see any other way. Does that make sense? (Yes, he had severe PTSD)

   I feel an explosion. Was he in Iraq? (Yes)

   He wants you to know his head is right now.  He's healthy and strong but you're still not handling his death well. (Yep)

   He's not cremated. He's buried? (Yes)

   What's with the boots? He likes what you did with his boots. (The boots he wore in Iraq are at the cemetery)  - see photo to the right!

   There's an older man in uniform with him. It's who met him when he passed. The older man passed from something with the chest. (My Dad, WWII vet, heart attack)

   He has an older brother? (Yes)

   He wants him to stop feeling guilty, stop running away, settle down. (Spot on)

    Younger sister? (Yes)

   He says that you hear him in the house. ( It was almost like she argued with him on this one)

   "I can't say that, that's too random", okay fine, he says he makes the stairs creak. (What is not random about this is that my stairs don't creak....he makes them do that)

   She asked who was having medical problems, someone with a lot of hats (Keeping this one vague for privacy reasons, but spot on again. I just didn't know about the problem until about a week later.)

   There have been two babies born whose names honor him? (Exactly)

   What's the "M"? (His middle name)

   Was your Dad a pilot or did he work on planes? (No)

   I'm getting the "M" from your dad with a plane. (Yes, middle name is for my brother, and he is a pilot.)

   Again...."NO, that's too random, anyone can say that"....oh fine, he wants you to know he has the cat. (Yes, his cat just died.)

   I walked away from this shocked, relieved, thrilled, a million other emotions.....HAD to go see her again, this time it seemed that since he'd already proven to me that it was indeed HIM, the messages were mostly about me.....get out more, eat healthy, be happy, have fun, stop smoking, stop smoking, STOP SMOKING!!! (okay, okay) There was a brief but lovely visit from a woman who was like a mother to me growing up.....bottom line is that Terri described her perfectly and so much love came through. I felt like I'd gotten a last hug from her.

   I got a bonus at the end of this session in the form of a crystal reading from Terri's husband. He said he needed the practice, but seriously, I don't think he needs to practice.....he nailed it! Nothing in that reading that I had to think about or "make work".....it was spot on! I would recommend Terri to anyone seeking answers. These readings gave me a peace that I haven't felt in a very long time. Namaste'

Rosann Walsh -  Washington

I'm a person to whom objectivity is very important.  I was very excited, for example, when six-trait writing came out because it offered an objective way to evaluate, as well as help others improve, writing skills.  Open-mindedness also ranks high with me; let the evidence speak for itself.  So I was delighted when the opportunity to participate in Terri's group experiment arose, especially since a few people I know spoke highly of her as an honest and ethical individual.   

It wasn't long after beginning the session--four or five items into it--that I knew with certainty that the person she described was my aunt.  Probably the most efficient way to present this experience is with Terri's observations first and my commentary in parentheses.   

- pain in right lower abdomen that had been there for a while (Ovarian Cancer)

- breathing issues (COPD)

- medications to help the breathing (Various inhalers.)

- medications for pain (Vicodin)

- some kind of machine to help the breathing (Nebulizer and oxygen machine; Terri gestured to the right when she mentioned the machine, which is the side of the chair where the nebulizer was on)

- #'s 5 and/or 6 (My mother was the 5th and my aunt was the 6th of six siblings.)

- all of that generation is now gone (Yes, the last of them. Mom died last year.)

- "mother, grandmother" (Terri felt some confusion about this, but I think I know what it means:  my aunt and my mother were sisters, and their mother was my grandmother; also, my grandchildren were often with me, so I was often in the role of mother and grandmother with them at the same time.)

- name starts with an "M" (Melray)

- did a lot for her, taking care of her, even though it took time away from own family and home (Yes, willingly and gladly)

 - severe incontinence (Yes, like rain)

- a feeling of great thankfulness for the help, love, friendship (Aunt Mel always, always said "thank you," even for the smallest things. She truly appreciated kindness from others and she was always very kind to me)

Although some of these details could be similar to those in the experience of others, in this particular combination they describe my aunt, and I did feel she was there with us. She was such a special person in my life, and I'm so thankful for the years of friendship we had together.  


    Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. You were right on in everything you told me. I could not have asked for a better experience. This was my first time going to a medium. Several of my friends also made appointments and were very satisfied. Thank you, Terri, for everything. Your kindness after my reading and the giant hug were just what I needed. I'll definitely be back.

Carina Green - Washington

Terri Strauss


    My deceased father picked Terri to relay a message he wanted me to hear that I wasn't clear on. I was happy 'cause he picked one of the best! Terri's reading gave me comfort, validation and inspiration. Thank you Terri, for your amazing valuable work!

Dana Quade - Washington

Author of 'Doing The Thing'


    Terri recently gave me the gift of an amazing reading! She was spot on in identifying medical issues for myself and my family. She saw with clarity my work situation and my feelings toward personal relationships. She connected with family members that have passed and was able to relay words of encouragement and support using words and phrases that were specific to them. She even connected with my recently departed cat who was playing a favorite game of peek-a-boo! Needless to say, the messages received through Terri touched my heart in so many ways and provided a wonderful opportunity for self reflection and growth.

Anne Meyer-Bradley - Illinois

Zoe Raine's Artwork

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On October 24th 2014 I lost my light, half of my heart and part of my soul... My daughter Zoe Raine was murdered by her classmate in the tragic Marysville Pilchuck High school shooting.  For the next several months I started going to conventional counseling sessions trying to put myself back together. 

My friends finally dragged me to see Theresa Caputo in Kent and as I sat 2 rows back from the stage, had Theresa Caputo standing right in front of me reading the people next to me, behind me and not receiving a reading of my own I was desperate to have a reading... The very next morning I called Terri.  Terri was at that show too, and that very evening on her drive home she received a message from my daughter, she didn't know what it meant?  But when she told me on the phone the next morning when I called to make my appointment, I did and that's when I knew I needed to see her. 

Yes, my case is public and has been broadcast across the news and for some people reading this you will think of course she would know those things but we talked about more than just the case itself.  I felt as if I was sitting in a room with my daughter having a reunion with her... I felt her laugh, I felt her presence, I felt her humor and for a mother who had no closure that was the best healing that I could have ever asked for... It did more for me in two hours than 6 months of counseling.

We talked about Zoe's Grammy's dedication garden to her and how the day before she had planted a sunflower for her and talked to her while doing it.  How she used to have tea parties with her Grammy when she was little.  A lot of personal things, that, not one person or the media would have access to unless they lived it or knew my thoughts.

Thank you Terri for your gift!

Michelle Galasso - Washington

     I had been looking for someone like Terri for a very long time. I by chance came across her name on my friends Facebook page. I decided to take a chance and make an appointment with her. It was going to be my birthday present to myself.

    I'm not going to lie I was full of doubt. I did however have HOPE that this was going to be exactly what I needed. I was so very nervous and scared. In fact, while I was driving to her house I got all the way there and turned around, drove a couple miles and parked in a church parking lot. While I was sitting there trying to talk myself out of going I all of the sudden felt very calm and ready to do this. So I once again drove to her house.

    As I was getting out of my car I told myself "you can do this". I am so very happy I did!

    I felt an instant connection to Terri. My experience with her was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me short of giving birth to my three children. She literally spoke the words that I speak when I am alone. I have been heartbroken and lost for a very long time. I have also carried around a lot of guilt. Ms. Terri has helped me learn how to let go of that guilt and find something that I thought was lost forever - "ME"! Terri is truly gifted and the most beautiful person. I will be forever grateful for the gift that she has given me. My heart has finally found peace for the first time in 24 yrs. I feel very blessed to be able to call her my friend...... Thank you Miss Terri for all that you do!

Faith Bailey - Washington